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What do you want to do today?

Think, Dream & Create possibilities at TDC


Talent Development Cooperative (TDC), a program of the clinical practice of Melissa Sornik, LCSW PLLC, is held in a unique maker space and supported environment that encourages program participants to think, dream and create collaboratively with like-minded peers, and adult and teen mentors. TDC was created to provide a community of support, understanding and mutual respect — a place where non-traditional learners can find and make friends, and a place where no one has to fit in to belong. All TDC program participants, from Pre-K through 12th grade, are very bright, curious and creative. They are typically “big picture” thinkers and problem solvers, and some may face challenges in more traditional programs where specific talents or learning styles may not be recognized or nurtured. TDC offers a number of programs and activities for children and teens. We also offer programming and workshops for parents and professionals.

Battle of the “Draw-bots”

Battle of the “Draw-bots”


TDC gives non-traditional learners what they don’t get very often…

  • The chance to do what they’re really good at.

  • The opportunity to discover and grow their interests and talents through collaboration with peers and mentors who share their passion.

  • Mentorship opportunities to build leadership skills.

  • A supervised, safe and supported meeting place where gifted and 2e kids (twice-exceptional who are gifted with social-emotional and/or learning challenges) can work, create and play together.


TDC encourages individuality and nurtures unique strengths and abilities through…

3 Tiers of Talent Development


Tier 1

  • Peer Relationship Building


Tier 2

  • Talent Discovery & Development


Tier 3

  • Self-Directed, Mentor-Supported Learning

The 3 tiers are the foundation of all of our programming and activities for children and teens.